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Christopher Comins : A Great Name

Posted by christophercominsus on November 25, 2008

Does the name Christopher Comins ring a bell in your ears when you first hear it? The rhythm that the name has or its sonorous quality; does it appeal to you some how. Well whatever the case might be the fact is that Christopher Comins is a name that sounds good as well as has a deep meaning attached to it. People who have researched a lot while choosing a name for their children must have come across this beautifully sounding name of Christopher.

Anybody who did some hard work or rather spade work while naming their children definitely comes across a lot of names and their meanings. After all there are millions and millions of words that can be translated into names in this world, belonging to a myriad of languages. But there is some thing about Christopher that makes it stand out from among the competition. Christopher means one who bears Christ in his heart. Just imagine the beauty and the serenity that the name carries with it. Christ who himself was an embodiment of peace and sacrifice uf course cannot be confined to the limits of somebody’s heart. But still if the person going by this name can live in an iota of a manner the way Christ lived, his life would be worth living.

Well! Getting some of the statistics involved in the essay, it has been estimated that Christopher has been one of the top ten names of people in America over the last seven years. This just shows how much the name is loved by the people all across the super power.

Some of the most celebrated personalities in the entire history of mankind were named Christopher. The most celebrated of them all was uf course the sailor who sailed out into the unknown to discover a sea route to India and ended up discovering that huge landmass which we now call America. Well Christopher Columbus was destined to make that watershed journey. But many of others who have the name Christopher have made remarkable forays into their own respective domains of work. There are many brilliant lawyers, and doctors, and engineers and businessmen and corporate honchos who have been named Christopher Comins and have achieved excellence in their respective fields.

Many people might not know it but there is an herb in this world which produces poisonous berries that is called Christopher. Well so much for all the praises that were heaped on the name. Anyhow, the naming of this herb is not in any way going to demean the beauty and the aesthetics that is there in the name Christopher.

If you will bother to open a directory you would find that there are many numbers of people who go by the name of Christopher Comins and are extremely successful in their lives and careers. In that case it’s like an icing on the cake. You have a name that sounds so good and at the same time you are a successful person in every sphere of life. Nothing in this world can better that.


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